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MANTEQUERÍAS BRAVO – Flavours of tradition

90 years after the opening of Mantequerías Bravo, Elena Bravo manage a gastronomy icon in Madrid city. For Elena, family third generation in charge of Mantequerías Bravo, taking the lead of a business with quite a lasting track record has not been easy: “A family business takes a lot of time to get shaped, and making any change in a place full of tradition may not always be welcome. Fortunately, up until now all changes have worked and we’re evolving nicely”.

The attention and customer service provided by Mantequerías Bravo are undoubtedly reasons for its success, and under the management of Elena, Mantequerías Bravo has also started working online. “On our shelves are thousands of products that we been selling since decades and we know well, as CONSERVAS BROTO; but we can’t pretend that whoever enters the shop knows them, so we must know what’s inside each can, box and bottle to be able to explain it with judgement. Direct communication with the public is a wonderful privilege of traditional shops that we don’t want to lose“.

For Elena Bravo, having the opportunity to see her grandfather Cruz Bravo, founder of Mantequerías Bravo, and her father, Juan Bravo daily working throughout the years has been essential for the continuation of the business idea that the family always had: “The location in the center of the Salamanca neighborhood was already there from the first day; the challenge has been to know how to preserve and improve every day our product offers, always defending that concept of attention and particular public service. Nowadays, that’s called luxury, although it must not necessarily be associated with the expensive word. An experience that brings together history and the best flavours in the world, including unique preserves like BROTO“.


Mantequerías Bravo

C/ Ayala, 24 (Madrid)

Phone number: +34 91 575 80 72



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