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CASA DUQUE – Good work since 1895

Marisa Duque is the fourth generation of a family dedicated to hostelry with the fifth generation already present in the business, by the hand of Andrea and Luis. We’re talking about Casa Duque, the oldest restaurant in Segovia that has breathed tradition and family for more than 125 years.

Casa Duque was probably the first restaurant and ‘asador’ in Segovia city and today keeps still being an iconic reference of our typical gastronomy, where to taste the most famous dishes such as roast suckling pig and delicious roasted lamb. A food temple receiving visitors from all around the world. It doesn’t matter where you came from because the behavior and service are always excellent.

As Marisa tells us: “Having a family legacy in your hands is a quite a pride and a huge responsibility. The goal is simple: every day a job well done with quality and seriousness. When I’m at home, I’m in a magical place that has contemplated the life of four generations and has seen time pass by being the motive of their lives, and it’s mine too. ‘La Casa’ gives me happiness and working in Duque was always my vocation and even today that’s the reason of my daily life“.


Casa Duque

Calle Cervantes, 12 (Calle Real) · Segovia

Phone number: +34 921 46 24 87



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