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The best Razor Clams of Spain



The shopping basket of a gastronomic lover includes a good section dedicated to canned seafood. You have to recognize that they have everything, immediacy, space optimization, guarantee of preservation, simplicity, modesty, sea taste, perfect combination with almost everything, and the memory of aperitifs and special occasions full of these small great pleasures.

We dedicate this selection to the Razor Clams, one of the most appealing canned seafood for its fleshiness and presence, for its characteristic soft taste to our beloved Galician estuaries, and because they possess in a minimum space the greatest pleasure.


Conservas Broto Razor Clams in Brine 

Conservas Broto have been selecting the best fish and seafood from the Galician and Basque rough seas for more than 30 yearsThe respect for the optimal shellfishing moments or fishing of each piece and the maximum care in the elaboration and artisanal packaging are the keys to the success of these Premium canned ‘seafood masters’.

Ría de Muros Razor Clams are manually selected to offer a premium qualityOnce in their facilities, they are canned one by one placing them with amazing care in order to offer an extra to the consumer when opening one of it’s delighful cans. Finally, they are naturalle preserved with a salt and water cover. This “magic” liquid seems to be ideal to make an astonishing fish stew, add this liquid containing the Razor Clams can instead of water and we assure you that the result will be beyend exceptional.

In addition, it’s high Omega-3 and low fat content, make Razor Clams an ideal healthy seafood to be chosen with our cardiovascular health in mind.

Currently managed by José Javier Vallano García, second generation in charge of Conservas Broto, they bet on the proximity trade and the treatment as “the usual” with each client. Always carefully choose each of the stores where to locate their premium gourmet canned products.

Find your nearest gourmet shop and enjoy with Broto Razor Clams directly from the Galician Seas, you will surely thank us!


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