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There are memorable film sagas: Huston, Sheen, Bardem, Molina, Rabal, Ozores, Gutiérrez Cava, Star Wars, The Godfather…, but no doubt the most rewarding for our palate are the gastronomic sagas. Therefore, our honored post is dedicated to couple “houses” with special DNA that proudly have the recognition of CONSERVAS BROTO.

Family businesses hallmark of second and third generations, some of them even centenarians, united by the passion of well done things and exquisite dedication to offer our country’s gastronomic excellence to their customers and visitors.

Above anything else, friends of ours for decades, Marisa Duque and Elena Bravo manage referral businesses in our country offering and always giving their best. Businesses with taste and soul, which I hope you will enjoy sometime. Bon Appetit!.


MANTEQUERÍAS BRAVO –  Flavours of tradition (Read more…)

CASA DUQUE – Good work since 1985 (