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The best canned COCKLES in Spain


At GastroMadrid we like rankings very much. Our particular rankings are essential to try and enjoy.

Fish & seafood preserves are one of our perditions. We love wandering around the most modern Gourmet Clubs and entering the most classic grocery and butter shops. In these places we find authentic tinned treasures. Products of diverse origin and always with a history that accompanies it, and in some cases elevates it to the category of legend. Special products that make you triumph among the guests you receive at home, or that allow you to pay a small and affordable tribute in your intimacy. Because every day can be a party if you appreciate these little pleasures of life.

Today we dedicate an article to cockles, a marine delicacy that taken to the preserve can be indulged in a mouthful of pleasure, as long as the product is treated with respect and guaranteeing its quality. Forget the cans of less than 1 €, please. Better not to eat cockles in a year and on that special occasion to scratch your pocket, than to eat them every Monday and to bring more sand than a beach towel. No, no and no.

In this list appear the most top, our favorites. Those that when you open the can and see the size of the specimens and their orderly disposition, already indicate you are going to enjoy for the next few minutes. You may like them with lemon, with a splash of vinegar or natural. Be that as it may, share them and tell us!

Conservas Broto are well-known GastroMadrid, also with their mussels. But, friends, it is inevitable not to talk about them again, they are great makers of premium preserves.

The manufacture of their preserves is totally handmade, using the best material from the estuary of Noia. They pack them by hand in each tin, adding only water and salt. If we already told you that with their mussels you were going to cry, get ready to delight their cockles… real seafood delicacies!

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