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The best-canned MUSSELS of Spain


For many years, canned food has been labelled as “survival-cuisine”, yet nowadays it has become truly trendy. Delicious and adaptable options that we should all count with at our homes.

Not that long ago, we talked about the best-canned asparagus in Spain, today is the turn for another canned-food classic, that for sure we love… The mussel!

Conservas Broto

They have been inside this Premium Galician fish and seafood preserves industry for over 30 years.

The elaboration is always handmade, as it couldn’t be any other way, and using the best raw materials, the mussel original from the Arousa estuary and picked during the months of July and August.

The mussels are directly taken from the estuary to the facilities where they will be hand-packed in cans. Conservas Broto adds a distinctive element in the pickled sauce by taking care of the ingredients.

It’s a shame that you may only find them at specialized stores with a gourmet selection. Now, let me tell you  one thing: once you find them don’t lose track of them, each bite tastes like heaven!

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