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Conservas BROTO. A great team now and forever…

Dear friends.

As a citizen, and also as corporate representative of this 100% Spanish company, I would like address you all in this small article, due to the succession of events that we are currently experiencing in our country and the rest of the world.

Not as the owner and administrator of Conservera Bromar S.L., but as José Javier Vallano García, son of Concepción García and José Antonio Vallano, my parents. The first generation of this family owned company and a reference in our day-to-day,… always so necessary.

For them, for all our families, for our loved ones and friends, and for all those who conforms this fantastic society, I want to join the call of responsibility that we must have now. Something that will make us strong and victorious facing this situation that we will win together.

I would also like to take this exceptional opportunity to thank on behalf of Conservera Bromar, S.L. & Conservas BROTO, to all the fantastic people belonging the companies we work with. With their support and dedication during these difficult days in our homes, and with a large part of the industry business and commercial inactive, they are making it possible for Conservas BROTO to continue providing best possible service to all of you, our customers.

In our facilities we are preparing orders, managing logistics to deliver our delicacies all over the geography without delay, to the establishments that have been working with us for decades and to the new incorporations, to their owners and employees who give us their attention and dedication. And to all our end customers who trust in our BROTO preserves.

Together we will be stronger and able to overcome this situation.