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BROMAR cannery with our Conservas BROTO, 2017 sponsor for paddle-tennis player Javier Cañas Sánchez

BROMAR cannery, with our Conservas BROTO, has reached an agreement with paddle-tennis player: Javier Cañas Sánchez, to be its sponsor during this 2017 season.

The deal became effective the past December 2016, in the context of a meeting held at the headquarters of the Club de Pádel Suizo de Madrid, to which the player, his father and his coach: Dani Vaquero assisted.

This is a one-year deal which includes communication and advertising strategies between Conservas BROTO and the paddle-tennis player Javier Cañas Sánchez. This includes the prominence and projection of our BROTO brand inside the national paddle-tennis scene, and its support for young players who are already the reality of the best paddle-tennis in Spain.

Javier Cañas Sánchez
Date of birth: 27/11/1998
Place of birth: Madrid
Place of residence: Madrid
Category: Junior
Absolute National Ranking: 425
Absolute Madrid Ranking: 35
Playing position: Right

The decision to sponsor Javier Cañas Sánchez comes from the idea to support the main star of the paddle tennis: the player.

He is one of the best junior national players of his category, with a great future projection, and something very important for our brand, the personality and quality of the player. Competitive, responsible, a fighter with an unparalleled image, values, personality and quality. These are values that we share that are, among others, the landmark of our brand.

From Conservas BROTO… Only the best for Javi, good luck with the 2017 season!


JAVI CAÑAS: “As a paddle-tennis player there are highly important reasons that make it truly decisive being able to count on a sponsor like Conservas BROTO.”

One of them is the financial sponsorship. Thanks to this, I can access better coaching, competitions and even trips for national championships. And this is a lot to say since all the expenses are on me.

If the athlete is a teenager who has to reconcile his sports career with his studies, that financial help is of a great help, as maybe without it I would have to choose between those two careers.

Another reason is the moral support of being sponsored. I feel a great motivation to keep on growing and improving day after day to achieve the best results, and in this way, be able to bring the BROTO brand to as many people as possible. Is like this that I can feel proud of being sponsored. The relationship between CONSERVAS BROTO and me amounts to a great friendship.